ALBUM: Alessia Cara — The Pains of Growing

Alessia Cara The Pains of Growing Album

Alessia Cara The Pains of Growing Album

Alessia Cara The Pains of Growing Album ,Alessia Cara’s The Pains of Growing will be released on November 30th. The Canadian singer-songwriter also announced the official track list for her sophomore album.

Cara’s new LP is entirely self-penned, with a few self-produced songs as well. She began previewing her more introspective lyrics with the single “Growing Pains” over the summer and has been seen almost exclusively in an oversized suit, meant to represent the idea of struggling to enter adulthood.

Cara’s latest will be a reflection of her first few years in the spotlight, following the success of debut single “Here,” release of debut album Know-It-All and her Best New Artist win earlier this year. “I almost knew what this album was going to be [before it even started], because I was going through so much in those three years,” she told Rolling Stone back in June. She had made the decision to self-produce early on as well.

“It’s very difficult to sit in a room with someone else, or with other people, and have to tell them about that and be that person with them so that they can write something with you. I just thought, there’s no better person to write this than me. It was so personal to me. It was a really sacred thing; I didn’t want anyone to know exactly what I was going through.

When you have full control, you can give away as much as you want to give away, and be as honest as you want and you know what it means and no one understands you better than you.”

Listen to: Alessia Cara The Pains of Growing Album Below

Tracklist for Alessia Cara The Pains of Growing Album 

1. Growing Pains
2. Not Today
3. I Don’t Want To
4. 7 Days
5. Trust My Lonely
6. Wherever I Live
7. All We Know
8. A Little More
9. Comfortable
10. Nintendo Game
11. Out Of Love
12. Girl Next Door
13. My Kind
14. Easier Said
15. Growing Pains (Reprise)

The Album officially drops tomorrow, please check back for stream and download links