Cardi B – Money (Stream)

Cardi B Money Stream

Cardi B Money Stream

Cardi B Money Stream :Cardi B has released “Money,” her first new solo single since her April debut album Invasion of Privacy. Over a thumping two-chord piano line that recalls Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble,” Cardi spews quotables about living large with a comic sense of understated detail (“I need a jet/I need room for my legs”). With her place in the game secure and a newborn in tow, the ex-underdog’s hook bluntly states her priorities: she digs morning sex and boarding jets, but nothing more than money.

Cardi’s debut LP produced five singles: “Bodak Yellow,” “Bartier Cardi,” “Be Careful,” “I Like It,” and “Ring.” She guested in recent months on singles by Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez, and DJ Snake. Cardi B Money Stream

The summer also saw Cardi’s relationship with Nicki Minaj escalate into a bonafide near-brawl; Nicki goes unmentioned on “Money.” The Bronx rapper’s three-month old daughter Kulture does receive a shout-out. You can listen to Cardi’s new song below

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