Derin Falana – U Again

Derin Falana U Again

Derin Falana U Again

Derin Falana U Again :Ontario has produced some of rap’s brightest talents today. Brampton rapper Derin Falana holds a significant place on the list of artists from the 905, and he continues to deliver solid music.

On his latest track, “U Again,” Falana takes on the universal theme of love. Set against a smooth, multilayered track Produced by Joey Castellani accompanied by piercing vocals, Falana rhymes about a seemingly complicated relationship.

Speaking about an indecisive love interest, Falana reflects on the trials he has encountered since beginning the relationship, addressing the constant back and forths the couple has endured.

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In the words of Derin, “It’s all good when it’s all good, till it go bad.”

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Quotable Lyrics

I dodged a bullet high-key
You always want to try me
No, my main piece don’t come with a side piece
Look if you’re gonna drive me crazy, at least drive with the high-beams