Nate Husser – Oldie

Nate Husser Oldie Mp3

Nate Husser Oldie Mp3

Nate Husser Oldie Mp3 :Nate Husser would never look back in anger at a city he loves so dearly. After outperforming the puff-puff-pass ratio in his native Montreal, Huss is striving for dolo success. The second of three installments in the 6º series could just be a preemptive look of what’s to come.

Huss is so “so through with it,” but those aren’t the words of an ingrate, but rather someone teeming with ambition. The ambivalence he conveys on “Oldie” doesn’t seem like obstruct him checking off his list. The accompanying video is a typical look at the Montreal skyline, bereft of any Chrysler Tower like structures, which is both a drawback and part of its charm. Huss even teases that this may be his last outing in Montreal: “If I make it I might not come back ever,” he raps to end the song.

Peep the video for “Oldie” down below, for it paints a fuller picture of what he’s come to describe, a problem of unmatched levels of ambition. While you’re at it, check out the rest of 6º, which includes two other songs worth their weight in gold, “Roofies” and “Her Song.”

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